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C4D Basecamp, 2020

After 3 months journey of climbing through the challenges of Cinema 4D, I've finally reached the summit with a solid foundation on 3D. This is a final project for C4D Basecamp course from School of Motion, where we had to create a 15 second Instagram spot to explain camping tips.

Design & Process

Audio, logo, and boards were provided, but we were given full control for the design direction and animation. I went for a stylized rendering inspired by 2D style with a grainy texture look as the visual tone complement the playfulness of the voiceover. The text and logo were animated and composited in After Effects using the exported positional data from Cinema 4D.

The MoGraph tool in C4D is very powerful, it helps a lot when animating multiple objects that are repetitive which can save a lot of time. We can also import multiple camera shots from C4D to After Effects as both software are very compatible.


To achieve the effect, in C4D I added noise to the Reflectance of each Material and adjust the Ambient Occlusion under the render settings. After the render, add Turbulent Displacement under the adjustment layer on the whole composition in After Effects.


Taking initial steps to the world of 3D can be overwhelming, but this course made me feel more comfortable navigating in 3D space as I've learned the fundamental techniques to prepare for more advanced subjects in the future. Big thanks to EJ Hassenfratz for making the journey less intimidating! As much as I love 2D, now I'm hooked with 3D!



Design, 3D Modelling & Animation 

Vania Chandrawidjaja


Cinema 4D

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop


Joey Korenman

from School of Motion

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