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The Sink Thing

Stop Motion & Cel Animation, 2019

The Sink Thing is a short film that tells the story of a mysterious creature called the Fatberg, born from Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s demise when it spilled down the sink. We want to make people aware that disposing oil down to the sink could feed into a bigger problem.

Fatberg is a buildup of FOGs (fat, oils and grease) and other non-biodegradable that went into the drain. When it clogs the sewage system, it can eventually destroy the environment when it spills into natural bodies of water. The problem is hard to see and not much people know about it, so we hope to make it visible by showing it in this film and get people to talk about it.

Character Concept

The aim of this video is to make the audience care about the characters and, in turn, their kitchen environment. Giving the kitchen utensils their own personality creates appeal to things we normally take for granted.

The visuals include handcrafted objects and hand-drawn elements to give the story a unique feel that we can market as a ‘cartoon’ for adults that is quirky and fun. This hybrid style and technique is crucial because the handmade quality creates an emotional connection.

Behind the Scenes

Our budget for this production is very tight, so materials were limited to paper cut-outs, blu-tack and fishing lines to animate the characters. We also help around with different tasks and switch around roles.