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Auckland Live, 2018

The Auckland Live team are seeking animated shorts that reflect their brand - performing arts and the celebration of diversity in Auckland and New Zealand culture. 
Performing arts is more than just about performing. The animated narrative reflects on a journey of a performer, putting the audience in their position through various emotions of struggles as it blooms into a memorable achievement.

Ideation & Process


I want this video to be a form of appreciation to all performers for being passionate and hardworking, at the same time also delivers the idea that Auckland Live offers opportunity and contribution in arts and creative industry.

While working on the keyframes, I noticed the onion skin feature gave a dreamy effect which suits the nuance of being in an emotional state. So I tried to replicate the idea to better convey the message. It was a happy little accident.

The video is up on the screen at Aotea Square from January until end of June 2019.



Concept & Animation 



Vania Chandrawidjaja

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Animate
Adobe After Effects

"Never Say No 2"

by Peter Sandberg

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