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NZ Vaccine Facts

Explainers Campaign, 2021

NZ Vaccine Facts - Lockup

NZ Vaccine Facts is a series of animated explainers for the public to learn about the COVID-19 pandemic and what to expect after the Pfizer Vaccine rollout. The project was headed by Daylight Creative together with a great team of producers, illustrators, and animators working remotely.

As one of the animators I helped with the infographics, science messaging, and supporting characters. The episodes were published as a campaign across Unite Against Covid-19 social media platforms, including their website which can be found here:

Check out this cool article from Design Assembly to learn a bit more about the project!

Fresh From The Field – NZ Vaccine Facts Animation Series

Also scroll further down to see the animation breakdown!

NZ Vaccine Facts - Pfizer vaccine explainer
NZ Vaccine Facts - clinic
NZ Vaccine Facts - community hall
NZ Vaccine Facts - Kahu's family at home

Animation Breakdown





Creative Team

Hope McConnell - Lockup Design & Illustration

Ezra Whittaker - Storyboard

Chris Callus - Character & 2D Animation

Vania Chandrawidjaja - Character & 2D Animation

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